Why We Need Art

I love to create art but most of all, I love to enjoy it. Seeing a painting on my wall, delighting in the lush colors or play of light and depth take me away from life’s busy-ness for a little while.

In those moments I may think about the layers of paint or textured marks and wonder what’s underneath. Sometimes the art takes me on a memory trip, sparks a little déjà vu or stirs my imagination about what it looks like or means (remember looking at clouds and finding animals or shapes when you were young?).

We’re learning that our search for beautiful (aesthetic) experiences is primal and universal, and a defining characteristic of human beings (check out neuroaesthetics). Art — painting, dance, poetry, music, theatre — impacts our society and culture, tells our history and stories, affects our well-being and health and brings us together. We need art to keep us grounded and connected. And to help us grow.

While my personal artistic expression has evolved over the years to an abstract style, my appreciation of many artists, art styles and movements has expanded. And not a day goes by that I don’t see art — interesting, beautiful or thought-provoking art. By local artists or famous ones, online, in books or in galleries. I need that aesthetic experience, however brief. And it’s not hard at all to #findart2love. I just wish I had more wall space…

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