Commission Completed

Have you ever thought of getting art custom-created just for you? It’s actually not hard to do and the results can be spectacular — just what you wanted!

Territories (acrylic on paper)Recently, a follower emailed me about one of my paintings on paper — Territories. She and her husband really like this abstract landscape. But they needed something larger. And could I do it on canvas? And add a little bit of dark blue?

It’s always a pleasure to receive an inquiry for custom artwork. As In this case, the patron loved my style, but needed something larger. Other customers may want a different color palette, or something similar but in a horizontal format. If the customer is willing to collaborate with me, I can take them through the process to create a new painting just for them.

I told my customer “yes,” I can create a larger painting similar to Territories and add some blue to the layering. I also explained that their commission would not be an inch-by-inch re-creation. First, the aspect ratio* is changing from 2:3 to 3:4 and the size is doubling. Second, every painting is unique, though I can mirror my own style.

And so it began six weeks ago and now is complete. The customer is thrilled. Here are a few photos to show the progress and how the final painting on canvas compares to the original work on paper.

See more about my commissioned artwork process.


Aspect ratio reflects the width of an image to its height. This makes comparing different image sizes easy. For example all these paintings represent a 2:3 (portrait/vertical) (or 3:2 landscape/horizontal) aspect ratio: 8x12, 12x18, 16x24, 24x36 (inches).