Choosing the Right Spot

Now that you found art you love, the question is where should it go and and how to decide. Though you may have the perfect spot already picked out, you might have second thoughts. Here are six personal tips that should help you make the best location decision for your new painting. (For now).

  1. Contrast and complement. Don’t try to match the art to the room. Find a space where it doesn’t get lost. That means think about #2 and #3.
  2. Consider color. Colors have an emotional and psychological effect that may help you decide where the art you love should go (bedroom, hallway or living room?)
  3. Consider mood. As with #2, think about the mood the artwork conveys and if that’s what you want represented in the space. Here's just one example of how a paint can change the mood of a room:
  4. Old with the new. If you have several paintings, think about grouping old with the new. See #1 — contrast adds interest and excitement.
  5. Go big. If you have the wall space and a choice, one big painting has a presence that’s hard to duplicate.
  6. Change locations. Move your art around. Don’t be afraid to swap out your paintings and move them to a different place. For example, a change of seasons might be a time to consider the color and mood of a room and make and change out your art, too. (See the image!) 

Only your opinion matters when placing art in your personal space. If you start with art you love, you’re doing great!