5 Reasons to Buy Original Art

We know the difference between an original and an imitation. A from-scratch cake versus a box mix. Handmade ice cream, not store-bought vanilla. And at some point in our lives, we just want the real deal. We understand value.

Most people don’t feel the need for everything to be original. That’s why generic products are popular. Yet there’s nothing more thrilling than to own an original when everyone else has the copy. That’s especially true of art.

Prints of artwork are very popular today, and sometimes the original is not available. But here are five reasons you should really search out and buy original art.

  1. It’s one of a kind. There’s only one original. No matter how similar other paintings by the same artist may be, yours is unique. No one else can have it. That’s exciting.
  2. It has value. While there’s no guarantee that your painting will increase in value, the original will always be worth more than a copy. There’s an intangible satisfaction in owning something of significance that’s also enjoyable.
  3. It expresses your aesthetic value to others. An appreciation of beauty is a human trait that develops over time. Your art reveals a little of who you are, what has meaning to you, and how you see the world. It’s a pleasure to share your art with others and tell why you find it special.
  4. It often directly supports the artist. Buying directly from artisans — whether it’s soap, pottery, jewelry, or art — supports your community or artists globally. What’s more, purchasing paintings directly from artists or their gallery reps is a financial and confidence boost for the artist. It also lets you get to know the artist and discover more about the painting you admire.
  5. It just feels good to own original art. There’s something magical about seeing every layer of paint, every brushstroke, every color nuance up close and realizing this painting is yours to enjoy every day. It’s satisfying. And whether you find it inspiring, calming, energizing or nostalgic, it’s now yours. And you have a lifetime to experience its emotional and visual depths.

As an artist, it’s still thrilling to find new homes for my paintings, and both wonderful and humbling to create something that others enjoy. Hoping to help you find art to love!